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POI and Pickups

Allows regulators and communities to suggest to mobility services best pick-up and drop-off points in specific areas

Why is it important to handle POIs correctly?

A point of interest can be an airport, train station, national park or any location that might be interesting to someone.

For ground transportation POIs are extremely important to provide clear and secured meeting points for passengers and drivers, and to make sure fleets can set their prices correctly.

Comprehensive information

Through an intuitive dashboard, you can easily draw geofences, add POI details and placement of meeting points.

Performing tool

A custom system has been developed to ensure proper functioning and ensure travellers correct location.

Legal compliance

Get access to accurate information about access restrictions on pickup points, and avoid fines.

Easy pricing comparison

Fleets have individual pricing for POI. Mapping them correctly is a good way to guarantee competitive fares.

Product Overview

The Urban Data ecosystem

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