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Payments Automation

Automate your payments from pay-in to pay-out.

Automated Processing of Payments

From pay-in to pay-out. 


Including transaction-based reconciliation, invoicing & billing.

A Global Solution

A pay-in and pay-out system including dynamic payment splitting and billing.

Trace and Efficiently

Problem events are proactively flagged to manage payment chargebacks.

Global Compliance

Making cross-border growth easy with local VAT rules.


You have full control and transparency of transaction costs, receivables and payables on a transaction level.

Your Existing Infrastructure

Integrates and connects to internal and external data sources. Data can be exported to any accounting system.

Designed for Urban Mobility Merchants

Save Time & Costs

Automation saves time and up to 85% of the costs of managing payments manually.


Remove human error and reduce fraud risks by up to 100%.

Transaction-Based Reconciliation

Match transactions to purchase orders, product, supplier & third-party stakeholders, VAT, company and inter-company costs.

Goodbye to Manual Reconciliation

Accounts receivables and payables are automatically synchronised.

Scale your Business

Without increasing the size of your payments department you can scale your business quickly and easily.

Automate Supplier Payments

Give suppliers access to the platform in their own user environments, removing the risk of overpayment.

The Payment Ecosystem

Other payment products that we provide

Payment Gateways

Automatically routes payments to the best payment providers for each transaction.

Payments Analytics

Rich insights to make better decisions and grow your business.


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