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Payments Analytics

Take control of your payments via a self-service portal. Use the dashboard to review data and obtain insights.

The Competitive Edge

Big Picture with One Portal

See your complete transaction journey from inventory data to reconciled and billed events.

Enriching your Financial Data

Incorporate external data sources into your financial data for richer insights than ever before.

Taking Control of Payment Routing

Choose different providers that are best suited for your business around the world.

Optimise your Payment Process

Identify inefficiencies and reduce abandonment rates, card declines and downtime impact.

Customise Views of Data

Give customised access to different stakeholders such as your supply chain, cross channel and internal parties.

Designed for Urban Mobility Merchants

Get the most out of your finance team

Our tools transform your finance department from reactive to proactive planners.

Trip Information in One Place

Easily view and access all documents related to trips.

Take Control

Manage customer queries from the self-service portal.

Product Overview

The Payment Ecosystem

Other payment products that we provide

Payment Gateways

Automatically routes payments to the best payment providers for each transaction.

COMO Synchro
Payments Automation

Automate your payments from pay-in to pay-out including reconciliation, invoicing, billing, fulfilment and more.


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