Products for fleets

We develop products especially made for different types of fleets (taxis, buses, PHVs, motorbikes).









Why Should a Fleet Join?

What are the main benefits and features brought by Flit Technologies products to fleets?

Improve Your Business

Karhoo will provide you with reports, insights, help to benchmark your pricing & availability as well as share our hotspot knowledge.

Save Money on Automation

We use state of the art technology and strive to automate everything. No need for a call centre for Karhoo trips, joining, onboarding, booking, and reconciliation is all online and handled through our portals.

Keep Your Customers Abroad

You can go global and let your customers “roam” through the Karhoo portal. Enabling your apps and booking platforms to cover the world with the Karhoo networks.

Part of the Future

Have a seat in ridesharing, demand responsive transport and autonomy. Become part of tomorrow’s mobility while preserving your business on the ground. Learn from and exchange with Karhoo’s passionate business and tech teams.

It’s Free

No commission, no subscription, no fee: We add our share on the top of the fleets fare. Integration is also free if you are using a standard dispatch system.

Working With Everyone

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