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Dispatch Algorithms

Use the the intelligence behind of our dispatch tool to optimise any type of mobility service and pool rides using smart clustering in real time.


ride bookings


automated rides


complementary models


per job dispatch

Getting the Most

Ability to continue to use your own operational tools and interfaces in order to get the best possible results.


Keep your tools and we'll provide the intelligence to optimise your operations.

Be Customer-Centric

The service provided by our UX and UI means that you can stay in complete control.

Ride Smart

Assign a booking to a particular type of vehicle, ensuring all additional passengers are taken care of with our custom criteria function.

Smart Schedules

Provide smart schedules to your drivers based on ride clusters, and optimise routes in real time.

Driver Allocation

In case of driver delay or anomaly, the job can be automatically reassigned to another driver.

Next Generation Dispatch Algorithms

Choose the best performing dispatch intelligence system on the market


Improve your fleet performance to minimise your operational costs.


Ability to automatically dispatch all your bookings and create smart routes for your vehicles.


All your rides are smartly pooled together according to custom performance criteria.


Get access to all data related to your service and analyse your performance.

The dispatch ecosystem

Other dispatch products that we provide

For taxis and PHVs

Enables to manage easily any fleet dedicated to hailing or individual transportation, and optimize vehicle allocation.

Last-Mile Delivery

Enables to manage services dedicated to last-mile delivery, and to optimize vehicles allocation.

For On-Demand Transit

Available for municipalities or private organizations, it enables to set up, manage and optimize any type of on-demand transit services.


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