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Market Insights

Available for fleets and demand partners, our market insights make data accessible for all and allow a better understanding of supply availability, pricing and performances.

For demand partners

Receive a monthly report by email, with data insights and performance analysis of your business.

Optimise your Bookings

Find areas for potential cost savings and usage optimisation to maximise your profitability.


Get better knowledge and deep insights on your activity: identify your best booking channels, or most popular level of service.

Create Loyalty

Identify your more valuable customers to offer them relevant offers and complementary services.


All your data easily presented in clear and synthetic graphs, available in a custom pdf report.


Receive a weekly report of your activity and performance with useful data insights, to get a better understanding of your business.


Identify best geographical area and times of day to not miss passengers.


Access to market data and competitors' offers to compare with yours.


Identify where and why your won or lost a bid or a booking.


Know exactly how many vehicles you need to maximise your occupancy rate and eliminate dead mileage.


All your KPI at one glance, presented in clear graphs sent in a custom pdf report.

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