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Mobility Exchange

The Karhoo Mobility Exchange is a marketplace dedicated to urban mobility that connects fleets and customers worldwide.









Demand Partners

A global platform where you can book a car any time, anywhere. The Karhoo Mobility Exchange Demand API has been specifically designed to deliver vehicle bookings for any type of organisation or business including: travel management, corporate travel, assistance, delivery services and many more.

Making the best Decision

You'll receive direct quotes from fleets with clear visibility to compare prices and ETA ensuring you receive the best offer available.

Connect Easily

Simplified integration to your existing system or ERP through an API.

Happy Customers

Simplify booking process and offer both immediate rides or pre-booking to all your end users

Providing Accuracy

Ensure your end users are supplied with the relevant information they need thanks to predictive data: quoted time of arrival, trip state inference or quote prediction.


Karhoo is an open and transparent marketplace, with clear offers and quotes.


Continuing to offer nationwide coverage with stellar service. Karhoo Mobility Exchange is connected through a Supply API with a variety of fleets (taxis, minicabs, PHVs) of all sizes in many locations.

Scale coverage

The Karhoo dashboards provide a full overview of data analytics for your current and neighbouring regions. Here you'll find prices, demand, response times and more. Grow into new areas, increase profitability and driver productivity.

Increase Productivity

Reduce downtime for drivers and take advantage of Karhoo’s delivery partnerships with major brands to keep your drivers busy during off peak periods.

Global Reach

Join the biggest Ground Transport club in the world. Connect, network and forge relationships with almost a thousand fleets globally consisting of over 699k vehicles.

Grow Revenue

Using the Karhoo platform/ dashboard, fleets can now “Roam” globally and service bookings for clients in multiple cities/countries.


Use Karhoo’s state of the art management tools, full break down of anonymised fleet performance in your coverage area. Compare your fleet and driver statistics with others in your region.

Resolve Disputes

Say goodbye to lengthy customer service conversations. Karhoo will facilitate a fully integrated solution where you can respond, adjust fares and issue refunds to customers in literally seconds.

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